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About Cox Orthotics

 Cox Orthotics, Inc. was founded by Kenneth Cox, DPM in 2000. We are totally dedicated to designing and manufacturing high quality custom foot orthotics and providing the service and support that our clients expect.

We take the time to fabricate each and every pair of orthotics exactly how you need them.

Our average turn around time is five working days in the lab.

We consistently get feed back from our clients reporting extremely good therapeutic results with our orthotics.

Because of our experience and innovative abilities, we can help you solve biomechanical problems. We think and work like mechanical engineers by applying the principles of physics and materials science to the design and manufacturing of orthotics.

We constantly receive orders for very complicated orthotic designs that clients have said other labs were unable to produce.

The technicians at Cox Orthotics are highly trained, very specialized and have many years of experience at the lab.

 We maintain a technical preference data base for each client. This allows us to make sure every unique element of your orthotic prescription is completed the way you personally want it.

Cox Orthotics is continually implementing innovative processes and testing new materials.

The core of our manufacturing system is based on a scanning system which precisely captures a three dimensional image of the foot. Using a proprietary CAD/CAM system, we are able to make exacting corrections to each image.

We have a strict policy of maintaining patient information confidentiality.

Our goal is to continue to improve our wide range of high quality custom foot orthotic options and services in order to help people lead more active, healthier lives.

Practitioners, residents and medical students interested in visiting our lab are welcome. Please give us a call.

Dr. Cox also invented the Cox Metatarsal Spreader. (1986 United States Patent # 4754746) This surgical instrument is designed to assist in the removal of intermetatarsal neuromas.