4400 Chennault Beach Rd.    Mukilteo, Washington    98275          

Client Services

Services provided by our lab include:

• Free in-bound shipping to lab

• Five day average in lab turn-around

• Digital storage of cast images

• Scanned foot images accepted

• Foam and plaster impressions accepted

• Sharp Shape Digital Foot Scans accepted

• AOMS TOT iPad Foot Scans accepted

• Utilize the Automated Orthotic Manufacturing System (AOMS)

• Podiatric orthotic consultant available to answer questions

• Refurbishment and repair of orthotics

• Free shipping supplies

• Pre printed prescription forms

• Orthotic samples

• Seattle area pickup and delivery service

• One, Two and Three Day in-lab Rush orders accepted. Please call the lab to confirm.

• Maintain a technical preference data base for each client